Hey, Kamryn here.

I’m a 15 year old girl working towards my dreams, because waiting to grow up first is not an option. That’s three years until I’m eighteen, and spending three years stuck in limbo does not appeal to me at all. So I’m starting now.

I want to be a writer, so I’m starting here, with this blog, and elsewhere, with my in-progress novel Aconite, which I completed a disaster of a first draft of during November’s National Novel Writing Month. Eventually, I’ll be submitting articles to magazines and selling my books to publishers, but for now I’m practicing and honing my craft.

I want to travel, so I’m researching ways to do that as a teenager. There’s a program called Unschool Adventures which lets homeschooled and unschooled teenagers take month-long trips to other countries with a group of other teenagers and a couple chaperones. It’s pretty expensive, though, so I need to save up some money. Luckily, my parents are willing to cover the cost, but I’d rather not have to depend on them.

I want to earn money, so I’m gearing towards being a freelance writer, like I mentioned above. I’ll practice writing coherent articles on this blog, and once I think I’ve got it, I’ll start submitting to magazines, newspapers, and e-zines for pay. There are other avenues towards making money which I’m considering in the meantime, but there’s a whole tangle of laws and age restrictions to struggle through and I’m not committed enough to learning about computers to do some of the things like graphic design or website designing which are viable options for teens. I’m considering babysitting and petsitting, so we’ll see how well that goes.

I’m currently unschooled, which means I do my own stuff on my own time and learn the things I want to learn, through platforms such as Duolingo and Khan Academy, but I’ll be starting a four-day-a-week charter high school near the end of January because I want to go to college and unschooled credentials aren’t accepted by most colleges. Also, I want to be challenged and surrounded by people to interact with, because I have a hard time motivating myself to take on difficult tasks on my own and I only see my friends one day a week at our homeschooling group.

I am working towards many, many things, with the ultimate goal to have a happy, busy life, and I’m going to have that happy, busy life before I turn eighteen, come hell or high water.



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