Accomplishing A Stylish Lifestyle.

I fully believe that anyone can look great or at least good with the right clothing and hairstyle. It doesn’t matter what your body type is, or the size and shape of your eyes/ears/nose/mouth, or how unmanageable your hair is. It’s hard to tell what the right clothing is, though. Especially when you don’t really pay attention to fashion-y stuff, or try to copy other people’s style. That’s not going to work. They (probably) look completely different from you. You need to know what looks good onĀ you.

What’s your body type? Check out the recommendations for your body type on the website. What skin undertones do you have? Are you long-waisted or short-waisted? Stuff that fits you will always look better than stuff that is too tight or baggy. Just because it’s in your size doesn’t mean it fits you. Use the fitting rooms! Also, get comfortable stuff. Even if an uncomfortable shirt looks great on you, you will never wear it. If you can’t clasp your hands behind your head without the shape of the shirt changing overtly or cutting into you anywhere, it’s too tight. If the shirt’s neckline slides over your shoulder or the shirt is loose enough that you can wrap your hand in the leftover fabric, it’s too loose. Find a happy medium.

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In general, a scarf will make an outfit look much more put-together and stylish. Find one in a color that sets off your eyes. Cooler colored eyes look well with warmer colored makeup and scarves. I have green eyes and a maroon scarf, which doesn’t clash with my cool skin tones but does make my eyes look brighter. I can wear that scarf with anything and it makes it look better. Neutral clothes, like jeans and anything with a simple cut and no pattern in white, brown, black, grey, or beige, are really good for basic outfits. You can wear the same jeans with a dozen different shirts a dozen days in a row, and almost nobody will notice because jeans are basically invisible. Save your cool brightly-colored pants with the embezzled seams or ruffles for outfits with plain shirts, so it’s not overwhelming.

Where can you get all of these cool things without ending up broke? Thrift shops. I’m not kidding. Thrift shops are cool. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt. The Savers SuperStore is a great thrift shop with hundreds and hundreds of clothes to choose from. Browse through the stuff in your size range, and try everything on. Five to ten bucks per clothing item. Half of my wardrobe comes from thrift shopping. Search for thrift stores near you. Remember, a lot of the clothes in your size range will be ugly or won’t fit you right, but it’s worth it for the rare gems.

No thrift shops in your area? Check the bargain areas of stores for good deals. Kohl’s has massive sales racks in the back of each clothing section, with up to 80% off the tag price. I got a pair of black skinny jeans for eight bucks at Forever 21. Target usually has some sales as well. Make it happen.